Sheriff Dart Spreads Misinformation about the Pretrial Fairness Act’s Electronic Monitoring Provisions

In an interview with WLS AM, Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart claimed that because of the Pretrial Fairness Act, “two days a week, I have to shut everyone's [electronic monitoring] device off.”

Fact Check: FALSE

The Briefing

The Pretrial Fairness Act guarantees people incarcerated in their homes on electronic monitoring the ability to perform essential tasks such as grocery shopping and laundry, but there is nothing in the law that requires Sheriff Dart to “shut everyone's device off”—nor does he. The Cook County Sheriff’s Office uses GPS devices to track movement and the tracking remains on during essential movement, constantly tracking and recording people’s locations. This statement by Sheriff Dart is intentionally misleading to the public: in spring 2022, WBEZ issued a correction after Sheriff Dart made similar false statements implying that people on electronic monitoring were not monitored during essential movement.

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