The New York Post Again Falsely Blames Bail Reform for Unrelated Pretrial Release

The New York Post falsely claimed that a man was freed because of pretrial reforms.

Fact Check: False, Fearmongering, Misleading

The Briefing

The New York Post contradicts its own reporting on the impact of pre-trial reforms while discussing the wholly unrelated failure of prosecutors to secure a grand jury indictment. A man accused of a violent felony offense had bail set. No pre-trial reforms impacted this case in any way. 

Although the Post vaguely acknowledges that the laws at play were “on the books” well before 2019, the article nevertheless claims elsewhere that the man was freed “ because of the state reforms.” This is a lie. 

The Post cites unnamed “police sources” in making this claim, once again demonstrating the danger of single-sourced articles that fail to demonstrate a legitimate understanding of the laws at play.

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